RussianCupid Dating Site Review

There’s nothing wrong with meeting women on the Internet instead of through your day to day interactions. There may not be anyone interesting in your circle of people, or no one that you feel would be a good partner for you. If that’s the case, why not look online and see thousands of women abroad who are single and ready to talk to you? In my detailed review, I will cover the most important facts and tips and provide a full RussianCupid dating site review for the benefit of those looking to find a Russian lady for a long-term serious relationship.

Overall Ranking: 4.2/5 4.5 stars rankings

Website: Check site here
Price: join free, gold, and platinum
Language: 21 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, and Arabic
Support:  customer service


RussianCupid is a popular dating website that can help you find the Russian woman of your dreams. I found my lovely wife through of one the popular dating sites and I believe that you can do the same.

Overview: How Can RussianCupid Dating Site Help You?

1.RussianCupid is mainly for men who are interested in eastern women. You’re surrounded by local women, but they’re just not your type so you have a harder time forming serious relationships. On the other hand, RussianCupid provides you with the opportunity to see and meet eastern women.

2.One of the great features of this site is that eastern men can’t join the website. So there’s not any competition from eastern men. All you have to do is browse through profiles and find a woman you like then start talking to her. Your main competition, however, will be from other Americans and men from other western countries.

3.The website gets about 2 million visits each month and over 1,000 people log into it every day. The large number of visitors and active users translates to the fact that you’ll most likely be able to find someone. Websites that barely have any active users are like graveyards where there’s no one to talk to, but that’s not the case with RussianCupid.

4.RussianCupid might just be the answer to your troubles. Tired of meeting local women who don’t interest you? Maybe looking abroad is what you need. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the answer, at least you’ll know for sure after using the website. The website predominantly contains Russian women.

Russia is the most active country on it, as the name implies, followed by the United States.

Benefits of RussianCupid


1.RussianCupid has been around for a while. The website’s population ratio consists of 70% women to 30% men. Those are great odds. Imagine being in a party where there are 6 guys and only 4 girls, it would be much harder for you, as a guy, to end up with one of the girls since they’re few in number.

On RussianCupid there are 7 girls per 3 guys which is a great ratio.

2.You’re also going to find women of various ages. The website contains a legal limit of course so there are no underage girls on it, but you’ll find women from 18 up to women over 50 years old.

Regardless of your age group, you’ll find someone within yours that you’ll be attracted to. Of course if you’re attracted to women younger or older than you then that option will also be available for you.

3.The website supports over 20 languages. The most popular languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic, and Portuguese are included as well.

4.Some membership plans allow for translation in case you and the girl you’re trying to talk to don’t speak the same language. The translator will allow you to communicate. If you decide that you really like each other then maybe you can start learning each other’s languages later on.

5.A problem some users reported is that there are many fake accounts on the website. Reviews have stated that up to half the accounts aren’t real. Perhaps the problem is that the website doesn’t have an accurate method of screening users to determine whether or not they’re real.

6.The website doesn’t have an email authentification method or anything, but they’re very active and try to monitor account activities in order to suspend any suspicious accounts.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of real accounts and if you don’t mind screening through the fake ones, you’ll find lots of interesting eastern women to talk to.

7.You can avoid scammers by asking to video chat with women you meet in order to verify they’re real and follow my recommendations in my “Ultimate Guide of How to Identify a Dating Site Scammer”.

Don’t let the fake accounts get in your way of finding your soul mate; she could very well be on RussianCupid.

How to Join RussianCupid

1.There’s nothing easier than joining RussianCupid. It will take you literally seconds to join the dating website. Just click on “view singles” on the website’s home page which should open a pop up box.

RussianCupid Sing in

In the box you’ll need to enter your first name, email address, age, create a password, and select whether you’re a male or female interested in a male or female.

Completing that information and clicking “view singles now” means you’ve completed the sign up process. You can also sign up by joining with Facebook instead of having to fill out all that information.

RusianCupid log in

2.After completing the sign up process you’ll be directed to a page where you can browse through women’s profiles. The website will show you a prompt to add a profile picture.

It also states that uploading a profile picture will increase your attractiveness by up to 10 times. You can upload a picture from your device or simply import one from your Facebook account, whichever you find more convenient.

RussianCupid Upload Your Picture

3.Now that you have an account and are “in” the website, you can browse as many women as you like. There’s a search feature near the top of the page that can help you narrow down women. You can select the age group you’re looking for, the country, and even how close they are to you.

Clicking search will show you all the women who meet your search criteria. Women aren’t limited to being from Russia as there are lots of countries that you can choose from.

RussianCupid search option

4.Whenever you find a woman that you like, you can check out her profile to find out more about her. It’s recommended that you add more info to your profile as well. That’ll make it more likely that people will find you interesting too.

Your personal info should be protected on the website via McAfee Secure so that should bring you some reassurances in case you’re worried about privacy and identity theft.

5.There’s no matchmaking algorithm on RussianCupid so the process is mostly manual as you find and try to engage with interesting women.

6.Since the website is an international one, mostly focused on Russian women, you can browse girls from different countries. You’re bound to find someone you share many interests with and find attractive as well as interesting.

7.Take your time using RussianCupid. Most dating sites recommend that you use them for at least 6 months in order to find a soul mate or someone you can’t get enough of.

So don’t be quick to dismiss RussianCupid if it doesn’t provide you with what you’re looking for within a few days. There are gold and platinum plans that can make your experience a lot more extensive and way richer.

Benefits of RussianCupid’s Paid Plans

Joining RussianCupid is free, but you unlock so many more features with the paid plans: gold and platinum.

We will go through the features of each, but if you really want the full package and to be able to use the entire website’s features then platinum is the way to go.

The gold plan also has some nice features and is cheaper than platinum, so it’s basically a compromise between how much you’re willing to pay and the features you want.

Free Membership

The free membership won’t allow you to do much. You can create a profile, browse the profiles of others, and send interest to other users. You can also communicate with a gold/platinum member. Unfortunately, there’s no way for two free members to communicate.

So if you express interest in a subscribing member, they can initiate conversation with you and both of you can start talking. You can also expect ads with a free membership.

Gold Membership

1.A gold membership offers you the same things as a free membership, but you can communicate with anyone and not just paying members.

2.You can also use the instant messenger feature to live chat with other users. Additionally, there are no ads with a gold membership and you can browse other users’ profiles without being detected. A lot of people get anxious and prefer to browse with anonymity so a gold membership can help with that.

Unfortunately, that’s the limit of gold memberships and the rest of the features are exclusive to platinum members.

Platinum Membership

Through a platinum membership you can do anything a gold member can do.

1.You can live chat with users, browse without being detected, and get rid of all ads. You also get many more features compared to free and gold users.

2.For starters, having a platinum membership will make you rank higher and above other members making it more likely for you to match. You’ll also be able to increase your profile space and enable VIP profile highlighting.

3.The platinum membership also gives you more advanced search options, advanced matching algorithms, and can translate messages between you and another user who doesn’t speak the same language you do.

4.Platinum memberships are the ultimate experience and can provide you with features that no other paid plan can.

5.The translation option is particularly great and lots of people love that it gives them so many more options. You won’t be limited to matching with women/men who only speak your language.

Create profileYesYesYes
Check other members profilesYesYesYes
Communicate with other membersPaying onlyYes, allYes, all
Check who viewed your profileNoYesYes
Browse AnonymouslyNoYesYes
Rank Above OthersNoNoYes
Extended personal profileNoNoYes
Advanced Matching AlgorithmsNoNoYes
Price (per month)0



-$23.33/month if 3 months
-$11.67/month if 12 months
-$26.66/month if 3 months
-$13.33/month if 12 months

Special Features

The special features are mostly those that come with a platinum membership. The feature most people love the most is the translation feature because it gives you a lot more options since you can speak to any woman or guy you want without a language barrier. Another cool feature is the advanced algorithm that comes with a platinum membership.

Mobile Apps

RussianCupid has an Android app, but unfortunately, there’s no iOS app for iPhone users. This is a problem for those who own iPhones and hopefully RussianCupid can get to it as soon as possible.


  1. Reasonable membership price plans.
  2. Lots of eastern women.
  3. 7 to 3 Ratio women to men.
  4. 1,500 online users at any given time.
  5. Android app.
  6. Translation feature with platinum paid plan.


  • No eastern men (for western women who are interested in them).
  • Has fake accounts.
  • No iOS app for iPhone users.
  • Not many features with the free plan.

Customer Support

For any assistance or help while using RussianCupid you can go to and they’ll be more than happy to assist you with anything you need.

RussianCupid Summary

RussianCupid Final Verdict

RussianCupid is a great website for western mean looking for eastern women from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Romania, etc. The website’s population of 70% women is great for men overall.

It’s not a great site to join for western women since the population of men on it is very low. The website supports over 20 languages making it great for people with lots of different backgrounds. Additionally, the translation feature with platinum plans is great and breaks down the language barrier.

There are some issues with the presence of fake accounts. The website tries its best to suspend them, but they still exist somewhat. Just make sure to follow all safety precautions and never send money no matter how sad or how bad it might be. This is prohibited on most sites. The website has an Android app which is great, but it’s unfortunate that there’s no iPhone app for iOS users.

Overall Ranking: 4.2/5 4.5 stars rankings

Have you tried RussianCupid’s dating site? If so, let us know what you think! This will definitely help other users who are looking for their partner.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I will make sure to come back to you within next 48 hours.


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