Got A Date? The Best Ideas For Daytime Dates

Whether you’re new to the swiping, grinding, love-finding terrain of dating or you’ve been doing this a while, chances are you’ll soon grow tired of generic ‘dinner and drinks’, and so will your wallet and waistline.

By contast, day dates are fast becoming the new thing.

Whilst sussing each other out in the day time means there’s no alcohol to take the edge off, it’ll also mean your judgement will remain in-tact, and you’ll be able to better get to know each other as a result.

Thankfully there are plenty of enjoyable activities you can do during a daytime date that will keep you both occupied and alleviate any awkwardness. For the gentleman out there, you can cut through the awkwardness with a bouquet of flowers. Visit the flower store before a first date, ladies still love that!

No matter where you live, use these day date ideas as your guide to ignite the flame of romance, no matter what country, city or town you live in.

Here’s 5 Day Date ideas to please any prospective partner.

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Day Date Idea #1 – Submerge yourselves in creativity

If you’re looking for culturally interesting way to spend time together that doesn’t involve spending 4 hours and a thousand dollars at the latest fine dining restaurant, submerge yourselves into the creative realm.

White walls, refined ambience, elegant people and of course, the art itself, art galleries are the perfect place for a day date. Whisper all things “aesthetic” and get a feel for your date’s artistic taste at the same time.

To make the biggest impression, look beyond the big state or national galleries and pick a gallery or destination that’s lesser-known – ideally one with an interesting edge.

Check out whether your city has a hip and happening cultural hub you could spend the afternoon perusing. Because many of the smaller galleries are curated to support mid-career contemporary artists, you can showcase your cultured side while supporting emerging talent – its win-win!

Day Date Idea #2 – Do a little market mosey

Every city and town around the globe boasts a selection of markets to satisfy every niche and desire. In Sydney, Australia for example, most localities run weekend markets, each offering slightly different things to tickle your fancy.

Whether it’s vintage clothes, fresh produce, second-hand designer gems, trinkets and handicrafts or a mixture of everything, there are markets all around the place that provide the perfect backdrop to get to know your date better.

Once you’ve decided where to head, spend the morning meandering the market. Let’s face it, it’s also the perfect opportunity to slide in a cheeky handhold.

For extra brownie points you can surprise your gal or guy with an inexpensive gift. It’ll serve as reminder of you and all things great after the date.

Day Date Idea #3 – Board game bonding

We said bonding. Usually we’d suggest erring on the side of caution and giving competitive activities a miss until you’re a few dates in. But – board games can be a great way to bond with your new beau!

If you want to suss out their shrewdness or financial nous, opt for Monopoly. If you want to determine if they have a hidden creative streak then Pictionary is a great way to go, and of course there’s Twister if you’re keen for some shameless physical flirting.

Wondering where to play? If you’re not keen on inviting them over to your place or don’t fancy suggesting a library, then playing in the park is a winner. Plus afternoon sunlight is super flattering – perfect for any potential first date selfies.

things to do in sydney

Day Date Idea #4 – Take a hike with your hottie

Hiking – it’s so hot right now, and it’s a sneaky way to test your date’s physical abilities. So get out your favourite asset-accentuating exercise gear and back it up with a showcase of your strength and fitness.

No matter where you live there’s a breathtaking view somewhere. Any peaceful setting – whether inland or by the ocean, is great for getting to-know-you chats and nurturing deep connections.

Plus, the exercise will release plenty of feel-good endorphins. Who doesn’t love a rosy cheeked hue and happy chatting, all while burning calories in a crazy fashion?

things to do in sydney

Day Date Idea #5 – Fall in love at a fun park

Many people secretly love theme parks, and so what could be better than a kiss atop a ferris wheel while sitting high in the sky?

Theme parks provide you with all kinds of opportunities for fun first date moments. You can flirt over fairy floss, and hold hands through the haunted house.

They’re called fun parks for a reason, so release your inner child, let loose, and have some fun! And as we mentioned earlier, if you want to make it a date they’ll never forget, win your date a cheesy oversized stuffed toy – trust us on this one!


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