CatholicMatch Dating Site Review

If you are looking for a date that complies with your catholic values and virtuous morality, then CatholicMatch dating site can help you meet your dream partner. In my CatholicMatch dating site review, I am going to lay down all the pros and cons of the website. Along with that, you will also find a comprehensive guide on using the dating site in the most efficient way.

Overall ranking: 4.0/5 4 stars

Price: join free, paid subscription options.

Support: service

Overview – How Can CatholicMatch Dating Site Help You?

1.In 1999, the website went by the name of, a side project of Co-Founders Jason Lafosse and Brian Barcaro who started this project as a side passion at first. Then, they teamed up with Mike Lloyd and the trio took it upon themselves to create an online dating platform that integrates features that specifically connect catholic singles.

The product of their hard work came out as the “holy grail” of all Christian dating sites. Despite facing huge upsets in the passing away of their partner, Mike Lloyd, they managed to soldier on regardless. The founders believed in the vastness of the internet, and how it can help to serve Catholics as a pathway towards sacramental marriage.

2.This website is now booming with growing members. In addition, it is making strides in the lives of many devout Catholics by helping them find partners and lead a fulfilling life. By helping Catholics that struggle with finding the right person, the website centers its achievements on the happiness of Catholic couples and the strengthening of the Christian community.

CatholicMatch: Sign up Process

Unlike other dating sites, the signup process for Catholic Match is extremely lengthy and detailed, which is why signing up may take you a while. The website will ask you to fill out the information for your user profile before you can start using the site on a free subscription.

1.Fill out the Correct Information

Make sure that you fill this profile with complete honesty. Trying to impersonate another personality or putting out misleading information is against the website’s policy. The basic information will include your name, date of birth and marital status. To ensure your devotion to God, you will also have to include your place of worship.

2.Add Picture/(s)

Putting up your profile picture is a crucial step when building your account. You want to make sure that you upload the most recent picture so that the users have a clear idea of what you currently look like. Putting up an old picture shows that you choose to lie to the website’s community, making you a dishonest user.

Fortunately, you can add up to nine pictures on the website, meaning that you have the advantage of picking out the best ones. Make sure that you include a mix of different types of pictures, from portraits to group photos to improve your success rate.

3.Answer honestly

The sign-up process also includes you selecting answers for a series of questions about your personality, views, opinions, feelings, hobbies, interests, plans, and thoughts on life in general. Make sure that you take this part of the profile seriously and answer honestly.

Additionally, you will come across plenty of questions about your childhood and faith as well. Answering these questions responsibly will increase your chances of pairing with a match that aligns with your thoughts, with minimal or no conflicting traits whatsoever.

However, keep in mind that no one is perfect, and without compromise, a lasting relationship is impossible. You will also have to fill out an introductory section, where you can write about yourself and exactly elaborate on the stuff that is important to you.

Membership Type

After completing the long and drawn-out profile section, you will have to pick from the different membership types on the websites.

CatholicMatch Dating Site Premium Subscription

Free VS Premium Memberships

CatholicMatch offers free and premium memberships. It is possible to have success on the website with a free membership. However, if you want to increase your odds and make the most out of your profile, then you must opt for the premium membership.

A premium Membership offers you the following features:

  1. You have the option to initiate unlimited messages.
  2. You can view unlimited profile likes.
  3. View all your matches and mutual likes.
  4. You have the access to premium renewal discounts..
  5. Take advantage of advanced search filters.
  6. Visit the profile of whoever likes your profile.
  7. Have access to the priority customer support.
  8. You can post on the forums.
  9. Have discounts on online dating courses.

Non-Premium Memberships Features:

  1. You can create your profile and view other profiles.
  2. Read or reply to the messages you receive.
  3. Have a limited amount of profile likes.
  4. View all the mutual likes and matches.
  5. Access to the basic search features.
  6. View other profiles.


You can sign up for this website for free, but if you want to enjoy the fruits of the premium features that will help speed the process of finding a match, then the premium membership is best. For 6 months, you can sign up for 14.99 dollars per month, for 1 month, the price is higher, about 29.99 dollars, and you get the best price in the 12 months subscription that ranges to 9.99 dollars each month.

CatholicMatch Dating Site Prices


The biggest demographic of CatholicMatch is catholic people or others that are looking to begin their journey towards righteousness. Hence, religiously like-minded people can benefit immensely from using this website, to not only find their dream partner but also find a community of Catholic people.

In terms of numbers, CatholicMatch has over one million active users and is increasing in numbers each month. The biggest user base for this website comes from the USA. The people of the UK make up the second-largest user base on the website and Australia comes in at third.

Users on this website are Catholics and looking for partners to start a family. Hence, it does not fare well for users that are either, not Catholic or, not looking for anything serious. The demographic and Catholic-oriented procedures are very clear on this.


  1. Usable and contemporary web design.
  2. Focused user-base of the Catholic faith.
  3. Safe and secure system.
  4. Helpful forums with an abundance of information .
  5. Free signup option.


  1. Lacks mobile application.
  2. Some subscriptions may be costly.
  3. Lacks new upgrades.

Customer Support

With a premium subscription, the website provides users with excellent customer support. According to the users and their reviews on forums, customer support is friendly and typically has a good response rate to users seeking help.

CatholicMatch Dating Site Review Final Verdict

CatholicMatch Dating Site Final Verdict

According to my research the success rate of this platform is noticeably high. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the website is without any flaws. In my opinion, the website fails to entail the Catholic bounds by extensively promoting its premiums on the website. Besides, according to some users’ feedback site needs some improvement in its filtering process to keep it exclusive to Catholic users.

As CatholicMatch dating site is a niche website, meaning that it is specific to a certain group of people, it helps significantly increase your chances of finding a partner of your Catholic faith. When browsing across stories on this website and other popular dating forums and blogs, you will find plenty stories of spouses that met through this interface. So, in my opinion, CatholicMatch is a good reputation dating site that is worth to check and join.

Overall ranking: 4.0/5 4 stars

Have you ever tried using the CatholicMatch dating site, if you have, please enlighten us with your experience. Was it successful? Your insights will help the readers make a better judgment before signing up.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I will make sure to come back to you within the next 48 hours.


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