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In this review, I will weigh out the facts and features and provide a full ChristianCafé Dating site review for the benefit of those looking to find their long-term Christian partners online. To give a fully authentic review, I’m going to be using real user feedback and testimonials so potential users can get the clearest picture of the site.

Overall Ranking: 4.3/5 4.5 stars rankings

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ChristianCafé dating site provides one of the kind opportunity to find your Christian partner you could not meet any other places.

Overview – How Can ChristianCafé Dating Site Help You?

ChristianCafé claims to have united 25000 couples in marriage since its establishment in 1999. The membership count is up to 2 million worldwide and still growing. The website is owned and operated by Christians, and there are an estimated 5000 logins daily. They offer four different membership plans: monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual.

How to Join ChristianCafé:

To get in on the ChristianCafé bandwagon, you’re going to need to sign up and be as accurate as possible in your profile.

You can, of course, experience all the benefits in the free trial, but after you pay for your membership, you’re going to want to be comprehensive in your profile to save time and money and make the best use of the site.

Your hobbies, personality type, how devoted you are to your Christian faith are just some of the details that ChristianCafé asks you to provide for a better matchmaking experience.

ChristianCafé sign in window

Being honest about your profession, daily life, and other lifestyle choices will make you seem more approachable. So, if you’re in this for a serious match, don’t be afraid to mention the details!

Adding a profile picture is just part of those important details. It puts people’s minds at ease if they see your real picture because online dating can be daunting for some.

For the first ten days, you are free to create your profile, look for Christian singles in your area, and all those online. You can even filter them according to your preferences. After the ten days are over, you will be asked to choose from the membership plans available to carry forward your dating prospects.

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Free ChristianCafé Membership Benefits:

What sites features will be available for you after joining ChristianCafé for free (limited):

  1. Building your profile basics.
  2. Writing out more details and adding a picture.
  3. Browsing Christian singles according to your filters.
  4. Quick match feature that take account of your age, type of relationship, and location to show you likely matches
  5. New singles feature where you can browse through thousands of new single profile additions.
  6. Participate in forums.
  7. Read testimonials and blogs.
  8. Send messages and winks to profiles but not discuss social media or give your contact info.

Paid (Premium) ChristianCafé Membership Benefits:

If you would like to access other ChristianCafé site features, you must pay for a subscription plan after the ten-day free trial is over. All free trial perks will come to a halt, and to make use of the site any further, you will have to pay for your chosen plan.

Here’s what you can get out of the paid plans:

  1. Customize your search for Christian singles.
  2. Participate in forums and add your opinion to the trending topics.
  3. Enable quick search option to browse prospective matches with only one click.
  4. Enjoy a discounted price if you opt for any of the other plans apart from monthly.
  5. Read testimonials and blogs of your preference.

There are four different paid ChristianCafé membership plans that you can opt for. They all offer the same features, with the only difference being the duration of the membership.

Here are all the plans they have to offer:

Monthly Subscription:

  1. Setting up your profile.
  2. Quick match.
  3. Customized search.
  4. Participating in forums according to your gender, age, or the whole community.
  5. Browsing new single profiles and message them.
  6. Exchange contact info with other members.
  7. See birthdays.
  8. Search with a specific username.

 Price – $39.97 per month

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Christiancafe Free Benefits

3-month Subscription:

  1. Apply filters to get accurate matches.
  2. Quick search to make a one-click search based on your age, location, and relationship type.
  3. Ask questions in forums categorized by gender, age, single parent, and other filters.
  4. Send messages to your prospective match and share contact details.
  5. Get a discount worth 20$ compared to a monthly plan.

 Price – $19.99 per month

6- month Subscription:

  1. Build and update your profile.
  2. Browse for local singles with all the filters of your preference.
  3. Ask questions in under 30, single parents, ask women and ask men, and other forums.
  4. Read blogs and testimonials on how to increase your chances of finding a long-term partner.
  5. Quick match one-click browse of available Christian singles.

  Price – $14.99 per month

Annual subscription

  1. Start updating your profile instantly.
  2. Browse singles with several filters.
  3. Read and intervene in several forums.
  4. Gain tips from blogs and other articles about online dating.
  5. Save $30 annually over what a monthly plan would cost.

Price – $9.16 per month.

ChristianCafé Paid Membership Plan

MembershipFree1 month3 months6 months12 months
Create profileyesyes  yes   yes
Check other members profilesyes   yesyes   yes
Communicate with other membersyes yes yes  yes
Check who viewed your profileno yes yesyes  yes
Extended personal profileno yes yes yes yes
RelyIDno no no no no
Make secure (anonymous) phone callnoyes
Pause your account for 3 monthsno
ChristianCafe  secure check your matches profileno no no no no
Make calls to ChristianCafe


premier team and personalize your matching experience

no     no no no no
Price (per month) 




ChristianCafé Subscription Plans

As long as a member is on a free trial period, they will not be permitted to send personal contact information, social media handles, and other details to any matches. Free trial members are also subjected to only 50 messages per day, while paid members can send up to 75 messages per day.

Moreover, once you run a search, the site will continue to email you matches according to those preferences three times a week.

ChristianCafé also makes a great user experience by providing its matchmaking service on-the-go through its smartphone applications for iOS and Android devices.



  1. Access full paid membership features during your free trial period.
  2. Founded and owned by Christians.
  3. Mobile app for matchmaking on the go.
  4. Forum, blogs, and testimonials to add to a user-friendly experience.
  5. Up to 7 different ways of searching for potential matches, as well as quick search.


  1.  ChristianCafe does not secure check your match’s profile.
  2. There have been reports of fake profiles to lure new users.
  3. There are no special features if you buy a top-tier plan.
  4. There have been complaints that users have been signed up for auto-renewal of subscriptions without permission.
  5. Some users claim to have been scammed on the website for money.
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Customer Support

Customer support at ChristianCafe is reliable and helpful. Help is provided via Contact’s forum and their correspondence address to send in any complaints or queries. Apart from this, their Help page also addresses FAQs about each feature and other common problems.

ChristianCafé Dating Site Final Verdict

ChristianCafé Dating Site Final Verdict

ChristianCafé dating site has all the characteristics of a good dating website with the privilege of being entirely for Christians. It is one of the best-rated Christian dating websites out there, and their free trial is sure to lure you to the lucrative paid subscriptions too.

So far, I have seen some good reviews about ChristianCafé and some negative which are absolutely commonplace for a website with memberships as large as theirs. There are many searching for potential matches, and Quick Search and other filters, sets apart ChristianCafé from its competitors.

I hope you enjoyed this ChristianCafe Dating site review. In our opinion, ChristianCafé is the next best option for any Christian singles out there looking to settle down and find the partner of their dreams. Consistency is key in dating online, and only then can you boast of finding the picture-perfect match of our dreams.

Have you tried the ChristianCafé dating site? If so, let us know what you think! This will defiantly help other users who are looking for their partner.

If you have any questions, leave them below, and I will make sure to come back to you within the next 48 hours.

Our #1 Recommendation The Best Dating Site to Meet Singles

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