eHarmony Dating Site Review

If you haven’t had any luck meeting people in person then perhaps online dating can provide you with a viable option. eHarmony is definitely one of the best sites you can join. In my detailed eHarmony dating site review I will describe the most important facts and features about eHarmony, including real users’ reviews and feedback. These facts will help you to have a clearer picture as what to expect if you decide to join the eHarmony dating site.

Overall Ranking: 4.7/54 stars rankings
Website: Check site here
Price: Join for free and premium options
Language: English and Spanish

Benefits of eHarmony

eHarmony dating site is a great place to help you find the partner and soul mate that you’ve been looking for all your life.

Overview: How Can eHarmony Dating Site Help You?

Overview: How Can eHarmony Dating Site Help You?

If you are tired of feeling lonely and would like to find someone that meets your dreams and expectations, eHarmony is a place that may help you achieve your goals. There are many well promoted dating sites online, on TV and in magazines. But it is tough to tell what is behind those beautiful pictures and videos without closely looking behind the scene.

Joining a dating site can be a scary process, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Some people don’t join dating sites at all because they’re afraid that after going through the entire process of signing up, they won’t find a match. A lot of people also hesitate when it comes to paying money to a website they don’t know or trust.

About eHarmony

1. eHarmony dating site was founded in August, 2000. As an aside, almost all dating sites were established within the past 20 years or so because before that people little or no access to the Internet. eHarmony has its headquarters in California and is owned by ProSiebenSat. 1 Media, a German company.

The founder of eHarmony, Neil Clark Warren, is a psychologist who established the company with his son in law. The company was first known as Neil Clark Warren & Associates before finally becoming eHarmony. It was purchased by the German company in 2018.

2.The website uses algorithms to match people together. On signing up, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which will take about 30 mins. This will establish your initial profile.

3.Based on your answers, the website will try to match you with someone whose profile is compatible with yours and has similar likes and dislikes.

4.The website doesn’t accept all those who try to join though. Some are denied acceptance for being already married, or less than 21 years of age. Also, those who provide inconsistent or contradictory answers on their questionnaires are denied membership.

5.Screening and restricting membership is good because it helps ensure that those on the website are serious about finding a partner.

Having online dating sites like eHarmony filled with people who are ineligible would be a waste of time for those are serious about finding a legitimate partner. So, it’s good that some kind of filter is applied.

A lot of people are turning to online dating as it’s quite a popular option for finding partners these days.

How to Join eHarmony

Joining eHarmony is one of the easiest things you can do. But it’s going to take  some  time in order  to create a profile that attracts the right kind of people.

Your profile on the dating site is everything. It’s going to decide whether or not you match with people who are most similar to you. It will also decide whether or not you match at all.

How to Join eHarmony

Following are the Steps to Join eHarmony:

  1. You’ll first have to provide: your name, email, zip code, and country of residence.
  2. You will be asked to indicate if you are a man or a woman and if you’re interested in a man or a woman as a match.
  3. After that you’ll click next, you will be taken to a small box where you’ll choose your password and the state where you live. In order to verify that you’re not a robot, you’re going to have to complete one of Google’s verification pictures like “select all boxes that contain traffic lights.”

Once providing the above information means you’re part of the website.

Now the time consuming part begins in answering the actual questionnaire.  The questionnaire has lots of questions – over 100 to be exact. It should take you about 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

eHarmony questionnaire

You will be asked how many children you have, where you live, your date of birth, your ethnicity, religious beliefs, as well as degrees and jobs held. As you can see, the website is trying to filter you based on all of these factors, but that’s just the beginning.

The questionnaire will also ask about your income. However, the site states that the range of income you choose won’t be shown to others on the site. So maybe this is just part of the website’s algorithm,  not something potential matches will see.

The questions you can expect include how often you smoke and drink as well as your height. You will be asked to talk about the things you’re passionate about and how you spend your leisure time. Another question is to provide 3 things that you’re thankful for.

  1. The following segment is about match preferences. For example what age range are you interested in, and what’s the distance range that would be acceptable for you. Distance ranges include up to 30, 60, 120, and 300 miles from where you live. You can also select to find matches in your state, country, specific countries, or anywhere in the world. After selecting your distance preferences you will be asked how important the preferences are to you.
  2. Once that you’re done with the previous sections, the next step is to take the compatibility quiz. This is probably the longest part of signing up process. You’ll be provided with a certain set of characteristics and adjectives and ask how closely they fit you.

You have 7 options for each adjective ranging from “not at all” to “very well.” For example, they will provide the word “clever” and you have to choose how well it fits you based on the above mentioned scale.

You can also expect questions like “choose 4 adjectives from the following list that your friends would choose to describe you.”

Remember to take your time while filling the compatibility quiz because it’s going to decide who you are match with. Going through the quiz in a rush will lead to you matching with the wrong person. In addition, the website might also find your hasty answers to be inconsistent and reject your account altogether.

When it’s time to add a picture, make sure you use a recent one that’s clear. Using an old picture can be misleading and affect your chances of matching.


Benefits of a Free eHarmony Membership

Signing up for an eHarmony account is completely free. Unfortunately, a free membership won’t give you too many options to hook-up. A free membership will only allow you to see the profiles of those who matched with you and nothing else. You won’t even be able to see their pictures. This is the only perk of having a free membership, along with the fact that you’re not paying any money of course.

Benefits of a Paid eHarmony Membership

Paid memberships will give you access to so many more features. You’ll be able to see the pictures of your matches, know who you viewed your profile, know when your matches last logged in, and most importantly, you’ll be able to send and receive unlimited messages.

There are three different types of eHarmony membership plans: Premium Light, Premium Plus, and Premium Extra.

What you get with the Premium Light:

  1. View the profiles of your matches (like with a free membership).
  2. See pictures of those you match with.
  3. Know who viewed your profile.
  4. Send and receive an unlimited number of messages.
  5. Know when your matches last logged into their profiles.

The Premium Light costs $55.95/month for 6 months plan.

What you get with the Premium Plus:

  1. View the profiles of your matches (like with a free membership).
  2. All the features of the Premium Plus.
  3. Verify your ID with Relyld.
  4. Use SecureCall to talk on the phone safely.
  5. You get a Premium Book of You for a deeper analysis of your personality.

The Premium Plus costs $35.90/month for 12 months plan.

What you get with the Premium Extra:

  1. All the features of free, Premium Light, and Premium Plus.
  2. You can pause your account for 3 months.
  3. You can ask eHarmony to secure check the profiles of those you matched with.
  4. You can call eHarmony’s premier team and ask them to personalize your match experience.

The Premium Extra costs $25.90/month for 24 months plan.

You should generally look for plans that cover 6-12 months because it takes the vast majority of people at least 6 months to find decent matches on eHarmony and other dating sites.

eHarmony Premium Plans Prices

When you sign in for the first time, you will be offered a deal of 50% off the first month subscription.

Benefits of a Paid eHarmony Membership

eHarmony Mobile Apps

eHarmony has applications for Android and iOS Apple devices.  So you can check your matches and keep up with your online dating experience regardless what platform you or your prospective match have or wherever you are.

Pros/Cons of eHarmony


Pros/Cons of eHarmony


  1. Lots of success stories from people who use the website.
  2. You can sign up for free.
  3. Lots of membership plan options.
  4. Signing up is easy.
  5. The sign-up questionnaire is thorough and will help you match with those most similar to you.
  6. Customer support is almost always available.
  7. Website supports both English and Spanish languages.


  1. The more advanced plans are more expensive.
  2. You’ll probably need to use the site for 6-12 months in order to find the proper match.
  3. Matches aren’t guaranteed, even if you have the highest paying plan.
  4. You might across dating site scammers. However, this is a normal situation for any online dating sites. Make sure that you won’t share your financial and personal information with site users until you meet in person.

Customer Support

eHarmony customer support is available via email 24/7. You can also contact them by phone Mondays through Saturdays from 8am to 5pm PST.

eHarmony Dating Site Final Verdict

eHarmony Dating Site Final Verdict

eHarmony dating site has one of the largest user databases and many special unique features including ability to make secure (anonymous) phone calls, ID verification service, detailed check on your matches background, and easily communication through your cell phone. These important futures will help you to avoid potential problems associated with meeting dishonest people.

So far, I have seen mixed reviews about eHarmony, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Many people expect miracle super-fast results after joining any dating site for a few months.

As with any search, it takes time and effort to find your perfect partner. You just need some time as most people take about 6-12 months in order to find a good match. It took me 7 months to find my gorgeous wife.

In my opinion, eHarmony is one of the largest and most advanced dating sites that can help you to find your future partner for a long term relationship. You just need to learn how to use all the site’s features in order to archive your goal. You must be smart and careful while searching and meeting your matches.

Overall Ranking: 4.7/5 4 stars rankings


Have you tried eHarmony Dating? If so, let us know what you think! This will definitely help other users who are looking for their partner.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I will make sure to come back to you within next 48 hours.

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