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Are you living in the Unites States, Canada or the UK and seeking a person with a higher education for a casual or serious relationship? EliteSingles dating site might be a good place where you can meet your perfect match.

In this EliteSingles dating site review I am going to discuss what to except after joining it, pros and cons and our recommendations of how to be the most successful using this dating site.

Overall Ranking: 4.2/5 
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Price: join free, premium costs discussed in the table
Language: English, Spanish, German, French, and others
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EliteSingles is an online dating website that can help you find the man or woman of your dreams. Thousands of people log onto EliteSingles and other similar websites for their services each and every day. Most of them find what they’re looking for in a partner with satisfying results.

Overview: How Can EliteSingles Help You?

Overview: How Can EliteSingles Help You?

EliteSingles is one of the most popular dating sites in America. The website is international, but most of its users are from the United States. It can help you find the soul mate you’ve been looking for your entire life. There are about 5 million people who use EliteSingles from the United States; most of them have college degrees. EliteSingles is for those looking for people with higher education.

The three main countries using EliteSingles are the USA, Canada, and the UK. So if you’re from one of these 3 huge English speaking nations, you’re likely to find a match on EliteSingles. The good news is that almost 1 million people are active on the website each week. Imagine how many potential partners you can meet on the website by continuing to use it actively.

Yes, men have a slight majority on EliteSingles, but that doesn’t mean that the popular dating site is devoid of women. There are lots of women on there, and many of them are active. We’re talking about approximately 5 million members, so it’s natural that there will be plenty of each sex to chose from.

Turning to an online dating website doesn’t mean you’ve given up on finding love in your life. It could just be that there’s no one in your circle of people that interests you or fits what you’re looking for. Instead of getting to know someone over a period of months, online dating profiles can tell you a lot about a person. They can tell you if they’re looking for a serious relationship, their likes and dislikes, and their hobbies among other things.

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About EliteSingles

As we mentioned earlier, over 5 million people use EliteSingles. Most of them are between the ages of 25 and 45. That’s the most common age group looking for a relationship anyway. You’ll also find people between the ages of 18 and 24, and people over 55 years old. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll find someone on EliteSingles within your age group who you can have a great time with.

EliteSingles tries to do something that no other website does. It doesn’t just match people through shared hobbies and features, but also takes into account education and finances. The website has an advanced matching algorithm that calculates your odds of making a good couple with someone else. Each day, EliteSingles will suggest about 5-6 people that the website thinks would be a good match for you. It’ll be up to you to take action.

Other dating sites don’t take education and finances into account. Not taking these two into consideration can make for awkward matches.  Going out with someone who isn’t as sophisticated or has the same level of education as you can be awkward or visa versa. Each situation can be uncomfortable and lead to frustration.

Financial status is another essential factor and it’s strange that very few websites take it into their calculations and algorithms. Many couples break up every day because they’re not matched financially. Monetary issues can cause problems even between couples that love each other. EliteSingles’ ability to integrate these factors into its algorithm gives it a slight edge.

Those who have high levels of education would find EliteSingles one of the best options they can turn to in order to find a partner. You’ll be able to meet someone who has a similar background to yours and also shares your hobbies and relationship goals.

While most of the 5 million members are based in America, Canada, and the UK, EliteSingles is an international website. You can use it from Germany, Spain, France, New Zealand, and many other countries.

How Join EliteSingles

How to Join EliteSingles

Joining EliteSingles is fun. The process might seem a bit lengthy, but it’s for the greater good. You’ll also notice that it’s fun and the interface is smooth. You won’t get bored while completing the process. The more information it collects, the more it has to connect the right people with each other using its algorithm.

Start by going to the website’s home page where it’ll ask if you’re a man or a woman, and if you’re interested in a man or a woman. So you’ll select your gender and the gender you’re interested in. Then check the box about the terms and conditions and press next. On pressing next, you’ll need to enter an email address and select a password to use from now on.

Next, it’ll take you to another page. It’ll first ask you to confirm your gender again, and the gender you’re interested in. Next up, the website asks about your birthday. They won’t show your birthday on your profile, but they’ll calculate and show your age. After that you’ll be prompted to select how important your partner’s age is to you on a scale from 1 to 7 or from not important to extremely important.

How to Join EliteSingles 2

After completing the section about age, you’ll be asked about your marital status, and level of education. You’ll be once again asked about the importance of your partner’s education to you on the same scale used previously. Note that with some of these questions you can use the keyboard to enter your answers instead of the mouse.

The website will then ask you about your profession and height. Now that the basic information is over, you’ll be shown a few pictures and asked to choose between them. You’ll also be asked to answer questions about your favorite season, your religious beliefs, and the religious beliefs you prefer your partner to practice.

You’ll then be asked about appearances. Mainly how satisfied you are about your appearance on the same scale used earlier, and the importance of your partner being attractive. Next come questions about ethnicity regarding yours and that of your potential partner.

The following section contains information about your personality. You’ll face questions like how much you plan your life, if you make time for others, if you feel overwhelmed by things, whether or not you like helping others, and if you always seek adventure. The list goes on and you’ll keep facing similar questions with a scale from doesn’t apply at all to completely applicable. You can use the numerical buttons on your keyboard to answer just like before.

The goal of all of these questions is for the website to get a complete picture of you. It does this with everyone and by getting accurate representations of people, they’re better equipped to matching them with each other.

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Benefits of EliteSingles’ Plans

EliteSingles only has one paid plan which is the premium one. Other than that, you get the basic (free) plan which has very limited features.


Basic EliteSingles Plan

You can only do very few things with a basic plan. Creating a profile and joining the website is free. You will also be able to upload photos at no additional cost while using the basic plan. While on the basic plan, you’ll receive messages from other users but you won’t be capable of getting in touch with them. The website will also continue to show you partner suggestions while you’re on the basic plan.

The best way to take advantages of these limited features is to use them when you first join the website. Take your time creating and completing your profile, uploading pictures, and seeing your suggestions. Once everything is ready, you can subscribe to a premium plan and get ready to take the popular dating website by storm.

Premium EliteSingles Plan

The premium plan gives you so many more options. For example, while on a premium plan you’ll be able to view all the photos of another user. That’s not something you can do with a free and basic plan. Additionally, you get unlimited messaging with the premium plan. There will be no restrictions on how much you can message anyone else using the website. You will also be notified when someone “reads” your messages.

If you wish for other members to receive your profile as part of their daily suggestions, a premium plan will give you that. It’ll also give you the option of creating a more detailed personal profile. The website will also give you over 20 daily partner suggestions each day and allow you to use the mobile app.

Benefits of EliteSingles’ Plans
Membership Basic (Free) Premium
Create profile Yes Yes
Check other members profiles Yes Yes
Communicate with other members No Yes
Unlimited messaging No Yes
Extended personal profile No Yes
Check if someone read your messages No Yes
Suggests you to other users No Yes
Additional daily suggestions No Yes
Use the mobile apps No Yes
Be able to view all of the photos that other users uploaded No Yes
Price (month)    
3 Free $57.95
6 Free $44.95
12 Free $31.95

Special Features

There aren’t many special features on EliteSingles. The main advantage the website has is the integration of education and financial status into its algorithm. Additionally, with a premium plan you get unlimited messaging, a chance to create a more detailed profile, and your profile is suggested to others using the website.

So the special features aren’t something you can put your finger on. They’re mostly integrated in the websites overall experience which you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Mobile Apps

The website has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The iOS app was recently created and is now available for iPhone users to download and use. Be aware that you won’t be able to use the mobile app as long as you’re a basic user. Only premium users have access to EliteSingles’ mobile Android and iOS apps.



  1. It integrates people’s financial and education statuses into its algorithm.
  2. The algorithm is great and works on matching very similar people together.
  3. Has 5 million users with a large number of women.
  4. Is international and can be used from almost all countries.
  5. Number of active people is high.
  6. Suggests people who you’d make a good match with daily
  7. Has Android and iOS apps for its premium users
  8. Secure with almost no fake profiles as profiles are verified via email on signing up


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Very few features for basic users
  • Can’t suspend your account for a period of time

Customer Support

For any assistance or help while using EliteSingles you can go to https://support.elitesingles.com/hc/en-us and they’ll be more than happy to assist you with anything you need.

EliteSingles Final Verdict 1

EliteSingles Final Verdict

EliteSingles is one of the most popular dating sites in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for a reason. The website has a great smooth interface that makes it easy to use. It has a sign up process that’s a bit lengthy, but great because it helps the website know more information about its users. This information is then put through the matching algorithm for more well suited couples.

It’s an international website with 5 million users, and the number of active members is high. The premium plan gives you access to using the mobile apps and increases your chances of matching by giving you unlimited messaging, and increases the likelihood of your profile showing up in other members’ suggestions.

The greatest perk about EliteSingles is that it integrates a person’s education into its algorithm. Relationships between people of a similar educational background are more likely to last. That’s perhaps the feature that separates it from other dating sites the most.

Overall Ranking: 4.0/5 


Have you tried EliteSingles dating site? If so, let us know what you think! This will definitely help other users who are looking for their partner.

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