FilipinoCupid Dating Site Review

In my detailed FilipinoCupid dating site review, I will discuss many important facts, features, positives, and drawbacks of this dating site. This review will also include some of the real user’s reviews and feedback over this website.

By doing so, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide and expectations of using the FilipinoCupid Dating site.

Overall Ranking: 4.0/5 4 stars
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Price: join free, Standard, Gold and Platinum
Language:  English

Benefits of FilipinoCupid Site

Do you wish to find the love of your life in the Philippines? If yes, then FilipinoCupid might be just the perfect platform for you. This website is solely dedicated to connecting individuals around the world interested in Filipino singles to their viable partners.

Benefits of FilipinoCupid Site

History and Facts

Previously, this website’s name was Filipino heart, and its purpose was to help western men find suitable partners in the Philippines. Currently, it is managed by Cupid Media, a famous dating website company.

With over 4 million users worldwide, this website is responsible for many interracial couples involving western men and Filipino women around the world.


As far as the total number of users of the website goes, there are about 5.5 million profiles on this website.

The top five countries from where the user’s come from include 34 percent in the US, 13 percent from the Philippines, 7 percent from Germany, 6 percent from France, and lastly, 5 percent of users are from Australia.

As far as the male to female ratio goes, according to my research, females are higher in proportion to males. A fair calculation would be a 4:6 ratio favoring women in regards to the total number of users.

How to Join FilipinoCupid?

1.Joining this dating website is fairly easy. The website is incredibly easy to navigate, and displays a very usable dashboard, making it user-friendly for the average user. The signup process is simple, as it allows users to make an account in just a couple of seconds.

2.Once you have signed up by filling out all the basic requirements, you can move on to completing your user profile. While filling out personal details, it is important that you are honest, and do not try to alter your identity.

3.Moreover, when filling out details about your personality, interests, and preferences, it is best that you take your time. To increase your odds of matching with the best partner, you have to make sure that you present yourself as someone approachable.

4.Another essential step of creating your user profile involves your profile picture. To refrain from any type of unintentional deception, upload your most recent picture. Overall, when creating your profile, keep in mind that you have to be honest, and friendly. If your profile seems unauthentic and depicts traces of a shady account, then it will be difficult to match with a like-minded Pilipino of your choice.

How to Join FilipinoCupid?

Features and Options?

1.The website offers users a wide range of features, however, only users that purchase its premium membership can have access to all the features. Users that wish to use the website for free are limited to only a few features.

2.Making contact with other individuals on this website requires you to simply click on their profile and choose between five main interaction options. The first of which involves sending them a “like”, which notifies them that you find them likable.

3.However, if you want to show more interest towards someone, you can send them a favorite star, letting them know that you have added them to your favorites list. A more direct and favorable interaction would be to send them a direct message.

4.Free users, however, can only send messages to other premium members on the website, and their messages will not be visible to free members. In other words, premium members are free to message anyone on the website, while free users can only initiate a conversation with premium members.

5.The other two interaction option is to block or report a user, which helps keep fraudulent and offensive accounts away from the website. Lastly, the search and filter options on this website are very extensive, giving users a detailed idea of the user’s appearance and personality.

There are two premium subscription options, Gold and Platinum. Platinum members can enjoy all the features of this website, while gold members can enjoy most but not the entire features that the dating site has to offer.

FilipinoCupid Features for Free Members

  1. Basic “Like” Option on profiles.
  2. Standard Matching with other profiles.
  3. Communication with Premium members.

Features for Premium Members (Gold)

  1. Basic “Like” Option on Profile.
  2. Standard Matching option.
  3. Communication with all members, Free and Premium
  4. Live chat option – Instant messenger.
  5. Send and receive message option on profile.
  6. Hide profile/Browse as an anonymous user.
  7. No bombardment of third-party advertisements.

Features for Premium Members (Platinum)

Platinum members can enjoy all the features of Gold membership users, including:

  1. Ranking their profiles higher amongst other members
  2. Increasing Profile Space.
  3. Highlighting profile so that it stands out from the rest.
  4. Translating foreign language messages into their native language.
  5. Advanced Matching option to get more likes.

Ultimately, the extra platinum features can drastically increase a user’s chance of getting more matches, and increase their success rate significantly.

Pricing (Gold)

If you plan on becoming a Gold member on this website, then you will have to choose between a 12 month, 3 months or a 1-month subscription plan, each varying in price. For one month subscription, it will cost you 34.99. For three months, it will cost you 69.98 which is 23.33 for each month. If you wish to invest in the 12 month Gold membership package, the total will come down to 139.99, which is 11.67  for each month.

Pricing (Platinum)

One month’s worth of Platinum subscription will cost you about 40.99. While a three-month membership will cost 79.98 in total, which means 26.66 per month. For 12 months, you will have to pay a total of 159.99, which is 13.33 of the monthly payment.

Filipino Cupid Dating Site Plans



  1. Affordable: most of the subscription options on this application are reasonably priced, and it offers an incredible amount of features for what it’s worth.
  2. User-friendly: the website is very easy to navigate and function. All the options features portray a usable experience.
  3. Has more Filipino female users than males, giving male members plenty of options to choose from, and keeping the female members as a priority.


  1. No user verification. This means that the website is vulnerable to fake profiles and scams. Moreover, it also makes it difficult to identify a fraudulent profile.
  2. Free members are limited from most of the features, such as sending messages.
  3. The website is not available for IOS users; however android users can easily access it.

Customer Support

The website has a proactive team of customer support representatives that aim to eradicate all sketchy activities from the website. If any member faces a problem with scams, they can email customer support with relevant screenshots. The customer support of FilipinoCupid is prompt in replying to all complaints and issues of the users.

Filipino Cupid Dating Site Final Verdict

Filipino Cupid Dating Site Final Verdict

From what I’ve gathered so far by using the website and reading real-life user reviews, this niche website sets out to be a great niche platform for westerners looking to start a family with a Filipino. In terms of success rate, I have learned that it tends to favors users from the United States and the Philippines instead of other countries.

This can present a majority bias that some users do not like. Moreover, there are quite a few complaints about fake profiles flooding the website. Hence, in my opinion, this website can work best for premium members belonging to the United States or the Philippines, while users from other parts of the world may struggle.

This is not to take away from the incredible user experience, a high number of users, and a multitude of features that this website offers.

FilipinoCupid Users Feedback

Overall Ranking: 4.0/5 4 stars

Have you tried your luck using the FilipinoCupid dating site? How was your experience? Let us know your thoughts on this website. Your insights will be essential for others that share the same pursuit.

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