How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For Yourself

Not so long ago, buying an engagement ring was simple – all you needed to take care of was the type of setting and the metal. Now, there are so many other factors to consider before buying a ring. 

Moments like getting engaged and married will ALWAYS hold a special place in your heart. The love you get to share with your significant other, and loved ones is hard to express in words. The bliss you feel during the entire process is unmatched!

In the lead up to the engagement, there are so many things need to be done and prepared for. Choosing the engagement ring is one of the biggest tasks.

An engagement ring is expensive, so you need to make sure that you are making the right decision. Whether you are looking for rings with your partner or alone, start doing your research now.

how to choose the perfect engagement ring for yoruself

Importance of engagement rings

Engagement rings hold a lot of significance. They are a token of love that is shared between people. These rings are cherished by men and women for the rest of their lives.

You’ll feel a sense of commitment and love when you look at your ring. Did you know that the trend of choosing metals for engagement rings started about 100 years ago? Before that, people used to tie leaves to each other’s fingers.

Choosing the perfect ring for yourself 

There’s a lot to think about when choosing an engagement ring. Here are some tips if you’re choosing the ring for yourself.

Choose the shape of stone you want: The shape of the stone in the ring is the first thing anyone will see. Therefore, knowing what your favourite shape is is key. It’ll also cut down the time and energy required to search for a ring. Not all shapes will suit all fingers, so take some time to try several versions on before settling on your choice.

Metal band: The next step in choosing and putting the ring together is looking into different types of bands. Initially people were more inclined towards white gold and platinum bands, but over the past few years yellow gold bands – which give an exquisite and rich feeling are rising to prominence.

Carat: Naturally one of the biggest questions that arises when choosing an engagement ring is the carat size. Preferably 1 carat diamonds look best on an engagement ring, but you can upgrade and downgrade according to your style and budget. 5 carat diamonds seem to be increasingly popular these days, which is certainly something to consider if you have more of a budget!

Ring sizing: Ring sizing your finger might seem tedious, but it is one of the most important when choosing a ring. If you choose the wrong size, the ring will be too tight and uncomfortable, or you risk it slipping off altogether. Many websites and jewellers offer ring sizing charts and ring sizing guides to help you choose the perfect size for your ring.

Budget: And last but not least, apart from keeping these factors in mind, you obviously need to consider your budget before starting to shop for an engagement ring. This will define your selection process and save lots of time and energy. Thankfully, these days, there are plethora of beautiful rings at all price points, and you can even shop for used engagement rings if you want to grab a bargain.

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