How to Meet a Cougar- When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Are you meeting a cougar for the first time but don’t know where to start your love relationship? Well, my young cub searchers, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will tell you how to meet a cougar within your ease! Besides, I will discuss the approaches and places where you can find your cougar lady in the wild and general way.

What Do You Mean by Cougar?

Cougars are generally between the ’30s to 50’s age who seek to date cubs (young men, i.e., 20s and 30s generally a 10-year or more gap) with muscular and entertaining qualities. Cougar women are confident and usually keep themselves fit and gorgeous.

You might have also noticed cougar relationships in pop culture where young celebrities likes Nick Jonas, Tim Robbins, Bart Freundlich, and many more who made up with older women.

They are mentally and financially stable and don’t carry any self-image or ego as young girls do. Besides, cougars are mature enough to have more sex and life experience, which you can say is one of the most significant advantages of dating her. Cougar lady avoids being caught up in the drama of a traditional relationship – marriage and kids.

Moreover, cougars don’t like to play games and she knows what she wants. She treats her young partner with respect.

Now I think you gained enough knowledge about cougars. Let’s jump into the next part. So, that young men understand their preferences better and find the right approach and place to meet cougars and establish a relationship immediately!

a Cougar

How to Spot the Different Cougars?

Yes, you read correctly! There are different types of cougars.

First Type:

They are generally looking for a quick treat in the bed. These ladies usually think like a guy and find only the most handsome cub that prefers to be in shape, go to the gym frequently and have great stamina during sex.

Second Type:

Mostly looking at the cubs for dating and relationship. For them, it is not all about physical attachments but much more like a long-term relationship. But keep in mind the second type cougar is very experienced in bed and loves to spend the night with an energetic young man.

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Common Places to Meet a Cougar

Looking for ways to meet older women? Overall, there are various primary locations to meet a cougar, including the gym, bar, online websites, and social media platforms.

Let’s discuss each location in detail. This will help you to find the perfect place to meet the desired lady.

Your Office

A cougar is often widowed or divorced and is self-dependent. You can easily meet an older woman working with you on a project or while you are on business meetings or trips. Be careful, these places are official, and one mistake can spoil all the conversation.

No matter which place it is, I suggest you strike up a conversation when you see you are getting smiles and attention and sparks are flying with the woman standing in front of you. But try to be somehow professional and creative.

How to Meet a Cougar at the Gym


As I discussed above, cougars love to stay in shape and like young men who stay fit. Have you ever observed that you get more smiles or attentions from middle-aged women while you are doing heavy lifting, cycling, or running? Yes, you got that right!

Cougars are easier to approach at the gym, during cycling, Zumba, yoga, cross country running and clubs. If you have good knowledge regarding exercise, you can approach them while work-out as cougars are always keen to know some fitness tips. Hence, these places are good place to start  your conversations.

Local Bars/Restaurants

It is an old approach to meet a cougar on her own turf. You can easily find classier older women at upscale bars or restaurants eating and drinking wine.

So, you can check out some local bars and other popular upscale and classy bars at hotels in your area. It is also a convenient place as after enjoying the night as you can stay at the same place with your cougar. You might also try looking in casinos these are also cougar hunting grounds.

Charity Events

Another place where you can find a cougar is at charity events. Rich women like going there for social gathering and charity purposes. So, you can find a well-reputed cougar here easily.

How to Meet a Cougar travelling

During Traveling

You might have noticed younger men going on vacation or trips and returning with older women. Yes, there are plenty of alien sightings and trip stories with cougars.

So why not head down to have a foreign country sightseeing trip and maybe find your mate in the process.

Social Media

Social media is a very popular method is rising in the dating scenario that allows you to chat with someone who interests you romantically. But it is not the best place as cougars might be too suspicious to get involved in a new relationship there.

Besides, while communicating via chat or messages, nobody knows the truth as there are plenty of scammers and hackers on the lookout for innocent people to steal their money. They create fake accounts to befriend people and lure them into scams.

I suggest avoiding using social media platforms. If you are using Facebook or any other social media platform, be safe while surfing and never reveal important information about yourself.

How to Meet a Cougar online dating sites

Using Online Dating Websites

On the contrary, online dating websites like or are the best and one of the most effective approaches, especially during a pandemic. It is one of the safest ways to meet cougar online.

I suggest you first research and read about the dating website’s authenticity before purchasing a subscription. Many sites offer free trial memberships for a better idea of the platform. Once you are satisfied with the reviews, you can go ahead and start your online dating journey.

These dating websites have huge pros like in-depth search options, including age preferences and location, making it the perfect place to contact and message thousands of older women near you.

However, it is also important to be updated with the cons of such websites also. Remember to stay safe on your first date and never reveal your personal or financial information.

Besides, you can meet a cougar at wine tasting events, parks, art shows and book launch event, or even cooking classes where you can easily impress them.

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That’s it, Cubs!

There you have it! I have provided you with the best path forward for meeting a hot cougar, whether in your office, gym, during traveling, restaurants, social media groups or elite dating websites. You can first try online website communication as it is the easiest and safest way to start cougar dating. Plus, you can prepare yourself more for when you interact face-to-face.

And above all, keep in shape and make sure you are confident and ready for the hunt!

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