How to Meet a Tall Woman or Man for Dating?

Not having insights over how to meet a tall woman or man for dating can therefore, keep you away from the dating scene, sad and lonely.

Height was always an important dating factor for me. I always prefer dating men close to my height or taller. However, being a 5’11’’ tall women quite often made it challenging to find a suitable partner. Through the years I have had many shorter admirers who couldn’t meet my criteria. On the other hand, meeting a taller partner has been challenging until I met my present husband.

So, I have decided to do the research for you, and deduce several ways in which you can find a suitable match, that not only shares the same interests and values as you but is also tall. I am going to discuss what the best approaches to finding a tall partner are.

Tall people, often have trouble finding suitable partners, and there are many reasons as to why that is so, one of the most common reasons is simply a matter of choice. In my opinion, taller individuals will generally prefer a partner that is close to their height.

This is to avoid any awkward situations that tend to come about because of a major height differences.

Why Women prefer Tall Men?

Why Women Prefer Tall Men?

The attraction towards tall and strong men that is common amongst most women has much to do with the primal instinct of having protection and security. This subconscious thought process of the general female population is a generational characteristic passed on by our hunter-gatherer descendants.

In those times, physical attributes were the key attributes that promised a long life and security for the woman. Even though physicality is no longer an essential attribute, it may still trigger a sense of security and protection for women around the world.

However, this should not rain down as daunting news for the shorter men embracing current singlehood. The modern world provides room for other attributes that can make up for the height and potentially land them a tall woman.

Nevertheless, women and men that are generally in the 6’4 to 6’6 range have trouble spending time with shorter partners.  Surprisingly enough, my research showed that this had less to do with the sentiments of having a shorter boyfriend, but more so with the practical difficulties that arise when spending time together.

Why Many Tall Individuals are Still Single?

Tall people that are above the range of the average height face trouble doing routine activities because few venues and services function to facilitate taller people, and they often have to slouch their way across lowered ceilings.

To a normal height person, this may not seem to be too big of a deal. However, the people that experience it on a routine basis can only know about the dreadful living experience. Therefore, tall people will often find more happiness with other tall people, just for the sake of familiarity.

Every person wants to date someone that shares similar struggles, and will fight similar battles alongside each other.  In addition, when you consider the scarcity of tall people around the world, it then becomes understandable why so many tall people are single.

This is not the only reason why tall people are mostly single. Regardless of the reasons, below is a list of probable ways one can find a tall partner.

Meeting Tall Singles Traditional Way

Traditional Way

The traditional way is the referral way. In this, you take your desire to meet a tall partner to your close relatives and friends, and they refer you to anyone in their social circle that they think is suitable. This technique can be difficult because the chances of another suitable partner to be down the referral chain are scarce.

In other words, it limits you to plenty of options that you can find, that are not somewhat acquainted to your friends and family. However, this can be a successful approach in countries, Scandinavian regions, and some parts of Europe. The average height of the general population is normally tall in these parts of the world.

Look Around

Many times a suitable partner is right in front of us, but we fail to notice. You cannot find your desired tall partner by sitting at a single spot. As I mentioned earlier, some countries have a much taller population, meaning, that your chances of finding a tall partner will significantly increase if you travel to that location.

However, you may not even have to travel overseas, you potential partner can also be at your workplace, meeting, or even come across on a work-related trip. The point of the matter is that your partner will not come to you miraculously; instead, you have to look for her, or him.

Athletic Events

Tall people tend to have interests in particular sports that give them an edge when competing. You can use this information and participate in sporting events to increase your odds. Taking interest in sports such as basketball, volleyball and running are great opportunities for people to meet like-minded tall people.

Tall People Clubs

In my research, I came across certain online groups and portals in which groups of people were hosting events that were specifically for tall people. These specified niche events and clubs do exist, and for someone looking for a tall partner for dating, it can be an essential source.

Online Dating Sites for Tall People

Online niche dating website such as “” and others is your best chance of hooking up with a tall person in the 21st century. People of this generation rely on dating websites more than anything, and in the virtual world, you have access to all the tall singles that are looking for like-minded and tall individuals.

You can try using other popular websites like or EHarmony. However, using  more targeted websites specifically created for tall people will significantly increase your odds of finding a tall partner as most users of such sites are above average height.

Meeting a Tall Woman or Man for Dating


There are a few common approaches of how to meet your future tall partner. You can either keep using the conventional ways of using family and friends’ referrals or visiting and participating in sporting events. Or, you can step out of your comfort zone and start using dating sites to your advantage.

From my own experience, I had the best luck with dating sites. This is how I met my present soul mate- my lovely 6’4’’ tall husband.

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