How to Meet Local Christian Single Women-Find Love in Unlikely Places

It’s a lot to ask for, I know. Local, Christian, and single too. But for those looking for a partner to share their values and beliefs, it is only natural to wish for. In this article, I will explain how you can meet local Christian single women without stepping too much out of your comfort zone. Of course, during the pandemic, that comfort zone is even more limited.

Local church

If there is anything I know about meeting someone for the long run, it happens wherever you are a regular at. That could be your university, your workplace, or your local tennis club. But the church is really where you are more likely to find someone to complement your beliefs about life.

Interestingly, a survey of 200 people in a church showed that 70 percent of women want men to ask them out in a straightforward manner. It was found that most women never dated a guy in their congregation, although they wish someone has asked them out. You know what that means. Men ought to step up their game and ask women out at the church, where Christian women are likely to respond positively. Obviously, it is not the place to flirt, but a polite conversation can lead to a coffee date after the Sunday service.

Meet Single Chirstian Women at the church

Your Social Group’s Network

Another conventional way is through your family and friends. Who knows you better than your group of buddies or your folks? Put the word out there, and they will keep an eye out for the perfect woman. Your friends are bound to have a social circle that complements your own, so why not take advantage of it? Perhaps, you could even meet them at a common friend’s wedding.

Weddings are a great way to meet women, and it’s a romantic setup by default, so don’t skip that next wedding just because you don’t have a plus one to take along.

Additionally, if you’ve been living in one place for a while, even your neighbor will be well-versed with your personality and hobbies. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to introduce you to someone who they feel might complete you.

Meeting at the camp site

Love at Camp Site

If you’re the adventurous type, Christian summer camps might not be too unfamiliar to you. Ever thought that you could meet a beautiful woman whose idea of fun is also supervising kids on these camps? It might not be the perfect setting for a date, but it sure makes for a great bonding activity. And if you hit it off, nothing is stopping you from approaching her after the camp too!

Charity Runs and Mission Trips

Charity is an integral part of Christianity. If you are looking for someone who is as serious in their belief as you are, look in the place you are most likely to find someone like that, i.e., the places you volunteer at. Obviously, the higher purpose of volunteering is the spirit to be generous to those in need. Still, if you find a companion along the way, you’re looking at a lifetime of fulfilling this interest together. Don’t be shy to ask for a number and get together later at another clothes collecting drive.

Speaking of which, mission trips are a great way to meet such women. Local churches commonly organize these to build shelters or hand out food to those living away from the city.

Don’t get me wrong; this does not mean that you take the trip with the sole intention of meeting potential partners. But if you’re the type to enjoy these activities, you may find a woman who may share this purpose. A trip is a good way to get to know people better, so why not give love a chance?

How to Meet Local Christian Single Women online dating

Cupid Has Moved to Online Dating

Given the pandemic situation, another much-sought way of meeting local Christian single women is through the Christian community forums on social media. This should be done in a cautious manner, however. You can never know for sure who’s hiding behind that screen. But if you feel chatting online with a potential date could lead to something more, invite them for coffee. Preferably, take them somewhere public and a little crowded to be safe on the first date.

However, during the pandemic, dating apps and websites are receiving a lot of traffic from Christians in general. There are exclusive websites to cater to Christian singles that you can find online. Christian dating sites are driven to help you find someone with the same end-goal as you. Not only this, some sites offer advanced features like matching interests, matching favorite movies, and favorite foods. This already gives you great conversation pointers and even perfect venue ideas for a date!

So, what are you waiting for? Upload a picture and an interesting yet informative bio and let fate take over! Remember, you have to be regular and observant on these sites. Being laid-back and expecting dates will only have the opposite effect. Spend a couple of minutes every day browsing profiles in your area and sending messages if you think someone is worth it. You may not get instant results, but being consistent is key and will eventually reap the fruit.

Our #1 Recommenation Dating Site to Meet Christian Singles

The Local Book Store

Online dating may not sound appealing to those looking for the traditional, organic way of meeting someone. Here’s my idea, if you’re a reader, why not head to a good bookstore and browse the Christian literature, the Christian dating and relationships shelf to be particular. If there’s already someone browsing through the shelf, you can always strike up a conversation. Through this, you would reach a woman who is either serious about or looking to get serious about their faith. This could get you both somewhere in the long run.


All in all, these are some of the conventional and unconventional places I suggest you can meet local Christian single women. Be it the church, the clothing drive, or the Christian dating site; the potential to meet someone for good is out there waiting for you to grab it. The only thing you need is the eye for the opportunity and the confidence to go through it.

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