How to Meet Single Asian Women?

Many single men are looking for single Asian women but are unable to find their perfect match. Either they are looking in the wrong direction, or they hesitate to communicate with the women they find. In this article, I will answer your question, “how to meet single Asian women?” You will also find the best approaches to find your new partner.

But before going any further, I find it important to share different types of typical single Asian women you will find there:

1. You can narrow your search by considering a specific Asian country to look for your partner. For instance, you can pick women from Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea, or Vietnam. The ideal age to find single Asian women in these countries is between 18 and 26.

Japanese single women

Chinese women are confident and financially independent. Their aim and ambitions are higher, and they work hard for it. On the other hand, Japanese women have a straightforward attitude and are quite feminine. In other words, Japanese women will become great homemakers compared to Chinese women.

2.In developed countries, single Asian women are looking for a perfect partner who understands and takes care of them. They are usually looking for a long-term relationship because of their country’s stability.

3.In countries such as Thailand, single Asian women are looking for financial security and stability in their life. They will easily consider a foreigner living in countries like Australia, the US, or Canada to improve their lives.

Men looking for a serious relationship with single Asian women will consider their physical appearance—for instance, skin color, exotic and attractive looks.

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Ways to Meet Single Asian Women

Traditional Ways

1. Referring to a friend, relatives, or neighbors is an easy way to find single Asian women. If someone from your friends’ circle has a connection with single women, they will likely introduce you to them.

Because many Asian families do not prefer outsiders due to their conservative tradition, this method can be tough. Still, if any friend from your circle finds you a match, they will likely introduce you to her.

dating Asian women in the office


2. If you are living in a developed country, finding single Asian women in the workplaces is not a big deal. Many Asian women are working in big organizations. You can either meet them in the office, on a business trip, or at a conference.

In numerous corporations, Asian women are working as an assistant or secretary. You can simply ask them out for a drink or coffee. Other than the support area, you can also find Asian women in top management positions.

Thailand single woman


3. When you are on a trip to Asian countries, you can meet up with different women in hotels, bars, or cruises. You can talk about their hobbies, favorite book, or movie and start the conversation. However, looking for a long relationship with these women can be challenging in an Asian country because of their tradition.

If you are a white man, their families may hold reservations about you marrying or being in a relationship with them. Because of strict family rules and traditions, they may be resistant in allowing them to date men from foreign lands.


4. You will find many single Asian women in casinos. Not only workers, but many Asian women love to gamble. Confidence is king when you are in a casino to pick up single women. When you visit the casino, approach the woman you like the most and talk to them. If they find you interesting, they will show interest in your conversation. That way, you can buy them a drink and learn more about each other.

Social Media

5. The social media platform is a great way to meet new people. For instance, there are numerous groups and pages where you can communicate with Asian women and look for the perfect partner. While this way of engaging with single Asian women can be fun, there are still numerous risks.

Contacting random profiles in search of a partner can be a bad idea if you encounter the wrong profile. There are numerous fake profiles available on the internet, which makes it an unsafe method to find women.

Dating online Asian women

Online Dating Websites

6. Online dating websites are an effective way to meet new women. On these platforms, you will find complete basic and in-depth information from their profiles. That way, you can evaluate the profiles and find the person with similar interests.

Especially when you are looking for single Asian women, you can download and create a profile dedicated to Asians on sites like This is the best way to communicate with single Asian women if you feel shy about expressing yourself when meeting new people. You can check more details in my detailed AsianDating site review below.

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Parties and Bars

7. Parties and bars are amazing locations to pick up single Asian women. You can host a party or be a guest at other parties and engage with women you meet there. In parties and bars, you will find many single Asian women waiting to meet someone of similar interest. If you find a woman alone at a party, you can confidently approach them and start the conversation with your name.


Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there are plenty of opportunities to meet Asian women. Just remember that they can be profoundly serious and will look at you and your potential to be the bread winner and head of the family as an important factor.

They see life a little differently than western women and it might behoove you to learn their traditions and research their countries before diving in headfirst. Most Asian women value education as well as they see this as a way to get ahead in life.

You can start by downloading a dating website dedicated to single Asian women. You will find a plethora of them on the internet. Other than that, you can go to a party, talk to a friend, or travel to Asian countries.

In short, all you need to do is to go out of your comfort zone and try a method that you find effective. Keep in mind the difference between Asian women from different countries. This will help narrow down your research, and you will meet perfect Asian women faster.

Thank you for reading this article about how to meet single Asian women. I tried to cover all the popular methods for finding single Asian women that I find effective.

If you find any of the above ideas effective, you can share your experience. I believe that this article will be helpful for you to find the perfect single Asian woman if you haven’t found one.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by leaving your questions and/or comments below.

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