How to Meet Single Seniors-9 Proven Approaches!

If you are like my mother-in-law who lost her husband 3 years ago, but still has so much energy and taste for an active life full of joy, you might start considering looking for a new partner. Without knowing how to meet single seniors, could make the process very ineffective and complicated.

Your children grew up and very busy with their everyday activities. Even though you see them during some holidays and weekends when they bring your grandchildren to your house, they cannot share your everyday life anymore.

However, you would be surprised of how many lonely senior singles would like to find a new partner or a friend.

In this article I am going to discuss the best approaches and places where you can find and meet fellow singles seniors.

Who Are Single Seniors?

First, a few words of who single seniors are… Seniors, who are at least 65 years old, are slowing down in their lives, with many retired and accomplished. They have raised a family, had a career, and had reached their dreams, well… at least most of their life goals.

Most seniors are still active in sports, exercise, golf, gardening, and have many other interests. For example, my mother-in-law is still a great dancer and my widowed father loves singing in a choir and walking a minimum of 3 miles a day.

Single seniors are singles because they lost their spouse through death or divorce, but some are single by choice.

But making new connections or finding love, for that matter, is never too late if you truly desire it or at least would like to give it a try.

There are at least nine effective approaches of how you can meet a senior single.

Traditional Way

1.You can try meeting single seniors through friends, friends of children, relatives, or neighbors in gatherings and social events like neighbors’ parties, weddings and baby showers. These are only a few popular events where seniors can visit.

Who knows? You might find your perfect match on one of those occasions. Maybe someone with whom you would engage in a deep, long conversation about life in general? Interesting, isn’t it?

Ballroom Dancing Club

2.My mother-in-law met her second husband in a ballroom dance club. Not sure why, but seniors love ballroom dancing. Have you noticed that, too?

Dancing clubs might not be the first places that comes to mind as a place to meet single seniors in your area, but it is one of the most effective.

Not only is a dance club a place to mingle and connect, but dancing is also an excellent way to jump into exercise. Some clubs also organize dancing events in which you can participate and enjoy.

Group Exercises

Seniors group exercise

3.Meeting single seniors while staying active and fit through group exercises and fitness classes is the go-to approach if you are an active person who enjoys the outdoors, hiking, cycling, and running.

If you prefer indoor exercise, you can join fitness classes, like yoga, stretching, cycling, Zumba and light aerobics. Usually most of such classes have a very nice friendly atmosphere with engaging music and coaches. If you keep visiting the same class, you have a good chance to meet someone with the same interests.

Best of all, group exercises make it easier to focus more on bonding than on appearance as you get fit and sweat together. And after class, you can go out for a drink or coffee with pleasant company.


4.If you are a religious person, you can meet single seniors in church, one of the safest places to begin connecting and socializing.

Many churches also have senior fellowship groups, which also provide fun group activities, including bus trips, excursions to museums, theaters, and other amazing destinations.

By joining and participating in a church group, you will have a chance to connect with people with like-interest and views, and that can be the beginning of a solid and lasting relationship.

Volunteer Organizations

5.Volunteering is another effective approach of meeting and establishing a relationship with people your age. Find a list of volunteer groups in which you can participate in different activities like tree planting, shelter building, or helping military families, troops, and veterans.

The retirement years can also offer you opportunities to turn your hobbies and passion into volunteer pursuits, such as sharing your knowledge and skills based on your expertise, such as rehabilitating birds of prey or leading tours in national parks and zoo and other local tourist destinations.

You can also join organizations focused on a specific subject area that has long been your interests, maybe astronomy, biology, or agriculture.

Some private and public organizations also offer docent programs that train and educate seniors about land conservation, historical sites, and landmarks.


6.Many lonely seniors go to casinos not only for leisure but also for socializing.

If you like gambling, this might be the place for you!  But then, I suggest bringing only the cash you are willing to lose.

Casinos can be a fun place to pass the time and mingle, but gambling can also cause a lot of stress. It requires practicing self-control and discipline all the time.

Social Media

Senior online dating

7.If you are an active social media user, joining local social groups like Facebook community groups and following senior-oriented pages could be the way of finding a new partner. Social media, however, isn’t a very safe place. Be extra careful if you’re planning to meet in person to avoid regrets.

School Reunions

8.School reunions can give you an opportunity to reconnect with schoolmates, who are currently single and re-ignite old flames.

These events can be with a dance event or a party that you might want to consider.  Some schools even plan and organized reunions for the entire weekend and load them with fun activities, like dating games and parlor games.

Online Dating Sites

Seniors Online Dating

9.Apps and web-based online dating sites are some of the best places to find new friends or a partner from the comfort of your own home, especially during the pandemic. Through such sites, you can obtain enough information about the person you are interested in.

You will have an option to communicate with a person through emails, chat rooms or video calls. You can take as long as you need to figure out if you have something in common and you would like to meet in person in a public place.

You would be surprised to find out how many seniors are active members of dating sites and how successful they are at finding their new partners.

There are a few good reputable dating sites on the market that specialize on single senior members. Such dating sites do not accept users from another age groups. So, you should be protected from dealing with younger people who might not have serious intentions, but just having fun.

I recognize that some of you might still find it challenging or intimidating to use modern technology to meet someone. I would recommend sharing your ideas of using a dating site with your children or friends and I believe they should be happy to help you to figure it out. Who knows, you might end up going on a double date.

Our #1 Recommenation Dating Site to Meet Single Seniors


It is never too late to start being active, forming new friendships, and perhaps finding a new partner.

You can meet single seniors through family and friends, on social media, casinos, school reunions, church, volunteer activities, fitness clubs, dance classes and online dating sites. You can choose whichever matches your personality, preferences and interests.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy every single moment!  It’s your life, so choose what makes you happy!

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