TallFriends Dating Site Review

Height is often times an important criterion when finding a suitable match for dating. Tall people might have trouble meeting other tall people. I know it from my own experience being a 5’11’’ woman, how challenging it can be to find a suitable tall partner.

In this TallFriends dating site review I will discuss in detail the site’s membership procedure, different membership plans, special site features, pros and cons and my recommendations.

Overall Ranking: 4.0/54 stars
Website: TallFriends.com/
Price: join free, gold plan starting at $29.95/month
Language: English
Support: www.tallfriends.com customer service


Whether you’ve had success meeting people in person or not, joining TallFriends is a new outlet and full of opportunities. Dating profiles can tell you more about a person and their heights and hobbies so you know what you’re getting into. When you meet someone in person, you might be attracted to them but realize you have nothing in common a few dates in.

Dating sites like TallFriends can help overcome this issue and help you find a suitable partner that you might spend the rest of your life with happily.

Overview: How Can TallFriends Dating Site Help You?

1.TallFriends is a dating website that can help you meet someone from the tall group of people. Whether you’re looking for a casual relationship or something serious, you’ll be able to meet people that fit both criteria on the website. You’ll be able to find out a lot about the person just by looking at their profile and their pictures. The website’s name isn’t a coincidence; it actually carries certain significance.

2.Tall people might have trouble meeting other tall people. Tall women, in particular, might find it difficult to meet men that are just as tall as they are or even taller. The average height for women is less than that of guys so when a woman finds herself taller than most of the men she meets in person, finding a suitable partner can be harder.

3.It’s not that there’s anything wrong with a tall woman. The problem is that many men don’t have the confidence to date taller women. They’ll feel intimidated and a little short in comparison.

The issue with tall guys is that they might not feel attracted to shorter women. It’s just a matter of preference.

4.At TallFriends, you’ll find plenty of tall people to communicate with and date. The website isn’t exclusively for tall people though. There’s no height restriction to join the website. Whether you’re tall, average, or short, you can join TallFriends. It’s not like there’s a “you have to be this tall to enter” sign at the log in page.

5.TallFriends has thousands of users and many of them are active. All you need to get started and join the fun is to create a profile and start browsing. Depending on your membership plan, you’ll be limited to certain features.

You’ll still have access to a lot of things on a free plan. It’s always a good idea to give new things and opportunities a try.

6.Using TallFriends might be the answer to everything you need. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be that way, what do you have to lose? You don’t have to pay anything to create an account and use it. You only need to pay if you want more features. It’s worth a shot and could help you find the right person.

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About TallFriends

1. TallFriends is a website that has been online for over 19 years. So you know it’s something that thousands of people used and benefited from. It’s often risky to start using a dating site that just started because it’s not tested and won’t have enough members. On the other hand, when you join a dating website that’s been around for almost 20 years, the odds of success and finding people on the site are higher.

2.Now that we know what should be considered, we need to apply it to TallFriends. When it comes to the number of users, TallFriends doesn’t have the most impressive numbers but the numbers aren’t bad either. It has over 100,000 users. The issue here is in the number of active users. While there are 100,000 accounts, the number of people who actually use TallFriends regularly is much lower.

3.The website checks many boxes. You should also know that accounts are verified. To verify your account, you’ll need to upload some form of ID like a passport or a driver’s license. TallFriends is available in many countries including the US, UK, and Canada.

4.For a website that’s been around for such a long time, TallFriends gets many things right. The main concern customers should have is the number of active users. That’s not to say that no one’s using the website. It’s just that the range of active users varies between five to fifteen thousand people daily.

How to Join TallFriends?

How to Join TallFriends

It should take five to fifteen minutes to finish creating an account. Remember to be as truthful as possible and to express yourself when answering the questions that you’re asked while creating your profile. This will help you find a suitable match.

Benefits of TallFriends Paid Plans

MembershipFree1 month3 months6 months
Create profileYesYesYesYes
Check other members profilesYesYesYesYes
Communicate with other membersNoYesYesYes
Check who viewed your profileNoYesYesYes
Extended personal profileNoYesYesYes
Make secure (anonymous) phone callNoNoNoNo
Pause your account for 3 monthsNoNoNoNo
TallFriends secure check your matches profileNoNoNoNo
Make calls to TallFriends  premier team and  personalize your matching experienceNoYesYesYes
Price (per month)0



Tallfriends paid membership plans

Special Features

TallFriends doesn’t have as many special features as other dating websites. Perhaps the main one is that you can filter other profiles using height since it’s an important feature of the site. You also have access to advanced searching and special customer support if you get a gold membership.

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Mobile Apps

TallFriends doesn’t seem to have an app for iOS but there’s an Android app. You can also use it on your phone through your phone’s browser. Their website is compatible with smartphones and should be easy to use. There are no text alerts, however. Generally, the compatibility of TallFriends with smartphones isn’t as high or extensive as other types of dating websites or apps.


  1. Can filter people according to height.
  2. Ratio of males to females is 1:1.
  3. Free to create an account, respond to messages, and search others.
  4. Gold membership isn’t expensive.
  5. Setting up an account is easy and only takes a few minutes.


  1. Can’t initiate conversations without a gold membership.
  2. You need a gold membership to make your profile featured.
  3. Only about 5,000 active users in total.
  4. Only available in English.

Customer Support

For any assistance or help while using TallFriends you can go to www.tallfriends.com/contact and they’ll be more than happy to assist you with anything you need.

TallFriends Dating Site Review Final Summary

TallFriends Final Verdict

TallFriends is a special dating website that likes to target a select group of people. If you care about the height of your partner, you should join TallFriends and take advantage of the height filter. You can create an account, browse profiles, and more on a free membership. To initiate a conversation or get special customer support, you should invest in a gold membership but fortunately these memberships aren’t too expensive.

We gave TallFriends a good ranking 4.0/5 based on many positive users feedback and only a few complaints. If you are looking for a tall partner and don’t want to receive surprised comments on your profile like ‘’Oh.. you are so so tall”, TallFriends site is a perfect place to join and explore as most users are looking the same as you are – a tall partner and soul mate.

TallFriends Dating Site Review Final Summary

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Our #1 Recommendation The Best Dating Site to Meet Singles

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