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Unlike conventional dating sites, UADreams is an entertainment site for men who have extra funds and want to boost their self-esteem by interacting with beautiful Ukrainian/Russian women. The women on this site do not want to get into a serious relationship and are there only to interact with the men. In my detailed UADreams site review, I will provide all site details, including site features, prices and customers’ feedback describing real user’s experiences.

Benefits of UADreams Site

If you have a significant amount of extra funds, UADreams will help you to have a good time meeting and communicating with beautiful Ukrainian/Russian ladies. However, this site is the wrong place for looking to build serious relationships.

Overall Ranking: 3.0/5 3 stars

Website: Check site here
Price: join free, different paid plans
Language: English and Russian

Overview: How Can UADreams Site Help You?

How Can UADreams Site Help You?

The site started operating a decade ago and has helped thousands of people interact with beautiful women from Ukraine and Russia through world-class services online. Users can communicate with women through video and audio calls, video chats, translated letters, and the exchange of gifts.

If men would like to visit the Ukraine for sightseeing and meeting with women they communicated with, there are 4 different paid packages available.  These packages are extremely expensive though.

Please note that most women on the site are married, engaged, in a relationship or are providing for their families, so you do not have to worry about commitment issues when spending time with them. Interacting with men like you, is a part of their job.

So, if you decide to visit the Ukraine or Russia to meet the ladies you communicated with, you should be prepared for disappointment and plan on some good sightseeing time. It will be highly unlikely that your experience with the arranged meetings with Ukrainian ladies will produce the results you were looking for. After all meeting men is part of their job description.

Demographic Information

UADreams is a site for everyone, but they generally focus on people who have worked hard in their lives and now wish to have a good time. The site has over 1000+ Ukrainian and Russian girls ready to communicate to any men any time. Although UADreams essentially operates in Ukraine, people worldwide can join them and meet their partners.

A question you may have by now is how to join it? Let us explain.

How to Join UADreams?

Creators of UADreams wish to keep things simple, which is why they have a simple sign-up process. All you need to do is make a profile using a registered e-mail address and provide some basic information. The site registers the users right away and you can get on with finding the perfect partner for your entertainment.

Creating a Profile


Creating a profile on UADreams is easy as you can choose a few photos. However, from my experience, you can skip this step as this won’t affect your site experience. You will get hundreds emails from ladies asking to start communication anyway. Having a real good picture is important on real dating sites, but not on UADreams.

Profile Questions

The profile questions on UADreams are quite simple as they want to make the signup process as simple as possible. You need to provide information about yourself, your likes, dislikes, and what you want in your ideal partner. But as I mentioned before you can skip this step as well unless you would like to play along in this game of flirting with the site’s women and make your romantic experience as real as possible.

Search Functions

UADreams’s search functions are friendlier for users as they make sorting and selecting quite simple, based on other users and profiles. All you need to do is add an age filter that you want as per your preference, and the site with filter out the right matches for you.

What Makes the Site Unique?

UADreams is not a conventional dating site and it focuses more on the entertainment and excitement of meeting Ukrainian/Russian ladies. The site allows individuals to meet with one another and spend quality time together according to the subscription of the customers. What’s more interesting is, the site allows the users to enjoy various services, which I am going to discuss in this UADreams dating site review.

1.E-mail Credits

The site allows users to add e-mail credits to their accounts, which translates the e-mail between the sender and the recipient. The senders can send an e-mail of a maximum of 1500 characters through a free first-time introduction one time each day. This way, you can start conversations with women and make a good impression on them along the way. In most cases, users get a reply within 24 to 36 hours.

UA Dreams E-mail Credits

Letter Decoration

Letter Decoration will help you make your letter look more interesting and festive to the woman of your choice. You can choose the background color and all the other elements that you want in your letter. This helps personalize your letter and showcase your true intimate feelings. However, this service is not free of charge.

UA Dreams Letter Decoration

2.Video Chat

Video chat is a simple way that lets you take a glimpse of the person you want to communicate. You can see each other via webcams and type romantic messages to each other during conversations. It is a great way to get to know each other in a romantic and controlled environment. You need to buy minutes for the video call and spend them either altogether or in sections. There is usually a person that is translating and typing back the answers, it is impossible to know if they are her true words or emotions or those of a business minded translator.

UA Dreams Video Chat prices

 3.Video Credits

The video credits are a way to get to know your lady better after you video call with them briefly. This will help you get additional videos from ladies and get to know them better. Similarly, you can send your videos to ladies. This can include videos of you, your family, your pets, or anything interesting from your life.

4.SMS to the Lady

This website allows you to send SMS to your lady, allowing you to share a quick update on your day. The SMS on this site consists of 140 characters and 1 e-mail credit, enough to write short specific sentences.

5.Custom Photoshoot

UADreams allow subscribers to hire photographers for extensive photoshoots. Know that these photos won’t go into the lady’s public profile and will only be for you, ensuring everything is private and secure. Be prepared to pay for this service.


Starting Prices in $

Pay Per Letter$6.81
Picture1 Photo credit-$3.89
Video1 Video credit $5.84
Live Time Chat10 minutes VideoChat + 3 minutes Free- $14.96

Communication Tools and Features

Communication and interactions are quite easy on UADream because it allows users to have video calling sessions coupled with dating tours across the Ukraine and 21 cities in Russia. Members can also send messages to potential matches after they sign up on the site and begin their dating journey immediately.

Pricing  Details for Trips to Ukraine/Russia

The pricing details for trips in this UADreams Dating Site Review are as follows.

Trip Packages

Price per day


Features and Travel Packages



  1. Picking up and returning to the airport.
  2. 30 minutes of translation service.
  3. A single economy room at the Hotel.
  4. Meeting with the lady(s) chosen.



  1. Picking up and returning to the airport.
  2. 5 hours of translation per day.
  3. A single standard room at the Hotel.
  4. Meeting with the women chosen.



  1. Picking up and returning to the airport.
  2. 8 hours of translation per day!
  3. A single standard room at the hotel.
  4. Meeting with the women chosen.



  1. Picking up and returning to the airport.
  2. 24 hours of translation per day!
  3. Deluxe Room One Bed at the Hotel.
  4. Meeting with the women chosen.

Does UADreams also have applications for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android?

UADreams offers an extensive website for android users that you can access via Google Play. However, Apple users cannot access the application.

Pros and Cons


  1. Free first letter.
  2. Good quality video chat.
  3. Thousands of beautiful highly professionally done Ukrainian/Russian ladies pictures, videos to choose from.
  4. Provides fun romantic entertainment with no commitment or serious obligations.


  1. Very high prices.
  2. Not for people looking for a serious relationship.
  3. Can be easily confused with a real dating site and be “scammed” for thousands of dollars.

Help and Customer Support

UADreams offers help and support through the contact information provided on the site. Although there are plenty of contact options, we suggest you stick to the e-mail address provided on their website to contact their professional support team. The site focuses on catering to the clients’ needs within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can check out their FAQ section for more information

How to Cancel UaDream’s Membership and Delete Profile

  1. Contact customer support.
  2. State your reason for cancellation.
  3. Cancel your subscription.

UADreams Dating Site Final Verdict

UADreams Dating Site Final Verdict

UADreams is a different type of website in the dating niche. In our opinion, this site should be in an entertainment niche providing thousands of pictures, videos, and opportunities of seeing and talking in live chat with beautiful young Ukrainian and Russian women.

You can read many reviews saying that this is a pure scam site. We would disagree, as all these women are real. It is the perception of what they are selling where you might feel scammed.

However, these ladies’ intentions are not to establish a serious relationship but to get as much money as possible from users. Most UADreams ladies actually work for this company, have families or boyfriends and receive commissions from each user’s payment. You can’t blame the ladies as they only try to provide for their families.

You can read below feedbacks and experiences from real users’.

So, the goal is to have romantic communication as often as possible using many approaches mostly through well written professional romantic letters. Such letters and live chat communications are done through translators, not by the lady you think you are communicating with.

In summary, if you are looking for a serious relationship with Ukrainian/Russian ladies, UADreams is the wrong site to use. But if you have extra funds and time and you need to boost  your self-esteem, this site will guarantee you a great exciting entertaining and fun time. Just remember, for this fun time you will end up paying top dollar.

As this is not a site for conventional dating, we give UADreams a score of 3.0.

Overall Ranking: 3.0/5 3 stars

Have you checked the full features of UADreams? Have more questions that this UADreams Dating Site Review did not answer? If yes, make sure to leave them below, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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Have you checked the full features of UADreams? Have more questions that this UADreams Dating Site Review did not answer? If yes, make sure to leave them below, and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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