Romantic American Getaway Ideas For Couples

The everyday hustle of making a living, paying for your home, running around to appointments, and maintaining family and social obligations can get overwhelming.

Therefore, it’s essential to take a break from the stresses of life every now and again and spend some alone time with your partner. No matter how much you try, it can be tricky to give each other the time you deserve on a regular basis.

One of the best ways to spend time together and nurture the relationship is of course, the couples vacation. If you’re planning to holiday in America, we’re help you with 3 great romantic getaway ideas.

We’ve curated this list after considering privacy, ambiance, and couple-friendly activities. So, why wait? Keep reading to discover the best places to plan a one-on-one vacation with your partner!

#1 – Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is a beautiful island in Hawaii and among America’s most romantic getaways. Here, you can relax on secluded beaches and hike through the Napali coast.

Most couples choose to stay in luxury resorts to  spend quality time alone. It can be an excellent short break that lets you relax in the sun, party, talk, romance, and adventure together.

You can also surprise your partner by telling the resort staff to decorate your room in honeymoon style while bringing some items like a real whizzinator XXX along for an added bit of fun.

Kauai is a perfect destination and has something to offer to every type of couple, be it adventurous, romantic, lazy, or outgoing.

#2 – Savannah, Georgia

Do you like holiday destinations that offer architectural history and ambiance but also feel like a romantic getaway? If yes, then Savannah is your answer, and it’s such a beautiful place to visit with your partner.

The Historic District in the city is fantastic for a romantic stroll with your partner while sipping your favorite drink.

A three-day trip is a good starting point to experience the best that this city has to offer. Begin the day with an excellent coffee and breakfast in the city streets, explore the historic District and later savor nice lunch at Forsyth Park. Then, enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the top restaurants in town.

Moreover, if you love adventure, you can enjoy the ghost tour after dinner (Savannah is amongst the most haunted cities, by the way) – this is unconventional romantic activity, but a good one.

#3 – Nantucket, Massachusetts

If you want to escape the rush of the city and live peacefully on a beautiful island with your loved one (if only for a few days)? If yes, then consider a visit to Nantucket with your partner.

Nantucket is a place for those who love peaceful surroundings and fantastic views. You can stroll with your partner through the cobblestone streets and relax on the white sandy beaches. You can even go biking together around the city to make it adventurous.

Last but not least, this romantic destination has several iconic lighthouses that offer beautiful views of the sea. The night sky with stars twinkling makes the visit worth it. At Nantucket, the weather is subtle and pleasant, with cooler evenings that provide the perfect reason to cosy up with your significant other.

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