Relationship Breakdown: How To Mend A Broken Heart

If we’re lucky, as we progress through life, a “miracle” happens – we manage to fall in love. When we’ve allowed love to enter our lives, it can be overwhelming and exhilarating.

Nobody wants to fall in love only for it to end in pain and a sense of loss. But truth be told, love can also break and shatter us.

Some people say that when it comes to love, it’s best to walk into it rather than fall into it. That way, if the love in your relationship dries up or the feelings change, you can more easily walk away.

On the flip side, falling in love can often lead to feelings of being swamped with sadness and loss when things turn sour, and you may struggle to find which way is up.

Mourning the loss of a relationship

If you’re mourning the loss of a relationship, your heart takes over – you might feel like you’re sinking to the depths, into an abyss, trapped by too many sad emotions, regrets and feeling broken.

You might describe the feeling as a state of complete darkness, or being swallowed up by an ocean of grief.

Though life seems extremely dim now, you can take comfort in the knowledge that this too shall pass. Whilst it can be difficult to realise, the pain you’re feeling won’t last forever.

“Just as darkness of the night always precedes the dawn”, you should also remind yourself that blissful love and light will one day come again after the pain.

Think of this transition not as the end of you but, instead, the end of something that was not meant to be, and beginning of new possibilities.

Afterall, sometimes we have to reach a lowest point where we are faced without a choice, in order to move onwards and upwards to new horizons.

We’re all faced with the choice of whether to stay at the bottom, drowning in despair and sorrow, or instead gather the gems and lessons we’ve learned to become stronger, more resilient, and more enlightened.

The transformation​

Transform your pain into your strength, and use it as a way for personal growth and renewal. Remember that personal transformation oftentimes begins with a fall, and don’t regret any of the learned lessons.

Rely on your faith and your inner strength to help bring you to the surface – you thought your heart was forever damaged but in time, it will be mended. Keep seeking your inner strength and believe that you can rise again.

Do not expend time and emotions thinking about and trying to figure out “what went wrong?”. This will only cause more feelings of regret and shame, and a fear to love again. Leave the pain behind you so you can breathe fresh air. With a renewed sense of life, new love might be just around the corner!

Soon enough you will find your sense of self again and be back on track with a heart that has so much to offer. Your heart is beautiful, kind, and perfect for the right person. Keep these thoughts close and believe in them as your means to mend.

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